Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jillian & Luke

These two were so much fun. Mr. Luke is almost 2 and the vivacious Miss Jillian is a ripe old 4 years old. As soon as I walked in the door she pranced to the front door, barefoot in her pretty magenta dress (with the daisy in her hair, nice touch Maureen), and she wanted to show me her room.
The suckers were supposed to be gifts/props but they proved initially to be a bit (very small bit) of a distraction. (Note to self: reveal treats AFTER session.)
We had lots of fun! We ran around the house, jumped on the bed, picked flowers from Mom's beautiful garden, and took a hike to the dandilion field behind the house (which proved to be a wonderful hidden treasure, Thank You Lord.). When all was done they got to attack their new monster suckers. It didn't take long before they had them demolished and ALL over themselves! That is one of my favorite things about little ones, whatever they do-their passionate about it! Thanks Maureen for letting me hang out with you guys, and Thank You Lord for dandilions, blue eyes and the untamed passion of children.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nora, Jack & Ellen

This session was at the home of one of my husband's best friends. These three kiddos were ready to go as soon as we walked in. Their grandmother had HANDMADE their beautiful red dresses. I love to do sessions for friends, after we were done we all had pizza together. (Shameless plug: Slapshot Pizza in Grand Forks....delicious!) We had such a great time with these three, and I have to say a great big Thank You to my wonderful husband/assistant/camera bag holder, etc. I think we all know that sometimes you have to stretch your ideas to get the kids to laugh and he let us "get him" at least 20 times! On that note: mom was just as involved in the "get you" process so Thanks alot Whitney!