Thursday, July 22, 2010

Jolene and Jeremy 6.26.10

Finally. This post was long in the making but my sister (the bride) has been most gracious with my delays. The ceremony took place in their backyard and all of the landscaping (including the amazing fish pond) was done exclusively by the bride and groom. The day was beautiful but as to be expected from an Arkansas June, the weather was a bit..balmy. I think a sauna would have been a cool breeze compared to that day. The happy couple managed to stay crisp and clean (and absolutely beautiful Jo). Whereas I think I left a sweat trail wherever I went, Thank God for Photoshop.

And so without further adiu (does anyone REALLY know how to spell that?)...

Jolene and our beautiful mom Valerie.

Jeremy's beautiful 14 year old daughter Cheyenne. I know she's holding a towel but her smile was so beautiful I had to add it.

Jeremy and the Crow's...sans one brother I believe.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Living Room Swing Dance and BELLY Photos! actual real life belly photo. And only two weeks to go.
Also, my two lovely neices come up from Arkansas for asummer visit every year since 2004. And it seems to have become a tradition that when they spend a week with "Aunt Vanna and Uncle Kirk" at least one night is spent swing dancing in the living room. I am a bit...unable to swing as of yet but the girls care more to dance with Kirk then have me involved anyway.
And so, some simple fun shots of dancing in our unfinished, green, very very green living room.