Saturday, May 7, 2011

Selah Belle 9 months

It's been too long since I've shared some Selah Belle shots. It's been wonderful to watch all of her little changes. Here are 10 of her most recent:

1. She LOVES her toes, but HATES her socks. The minute she's wearing socks the first thing she does is rip them get to her wonderful toes.
2. She can say momma, dada, and the other day I
think she said 'ninite'
3. She doesn't mind hats at all.
4. She does mind sleep, especially when it's her momma
and daddy.
5. She likes to eat peaches, and anything chicken flavored.
6. It doesn't take her long to decide whether or not she
likes you, and if she does she will reach out to you and rest her head on your shoulder.
7. She has done this to 2 perfect strangers in the past two weeks.
8. She smiles ALL DAY
9. She is very expressive & very emotional- I think she will be one to wear her heart on her sleeve.
10. She is passionately loved by her family.

I remember my mom saying something the day she was born. Kirk and I were talking about how overwhelmed we felt with love for her. Mom said "You go through life thinking you could die for someone, then you have a child-and you know you can" How absolutely true.