Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Thompson's (and Jade!)

Brenden is 14 months, Jade is 4 years old. Oh, to harness the energy of a 4 year old German Shorthair. I think we got more shots of her running OUT of the frame. ;)

I love puppies, and I love energetic little people who are just discovering life and the world around them. I can't say I didn't leave a little jealous of the freshness and hunger for discovery exuded by the two youngest Thompson's. ;)

Thank you Lori and Travis for sharing with
me just a bit of that.

And a BIIG thank you to Aunt Marcy for all of your help-your check will be in the mail. ;)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Biel family

This session was such a blessing. Although Cedric wasn't interested in sleeping much-he was a joy to photograph. And then a few of little Liev's two year photos and the complete family together.

I love what I do and I love the people I get to do it for..

Monday, August 15, 2011

John Allen- Central High Class of 2012 [Grand Forks Senior Photographer]

John Allen is the first senior I had the pleasure of working with this season. And what a nice way to start-he is the son of some friends of ours (friends who have been MORE than wonderful in loaning out every..tool..imaginable in our 'home improvement' endeavor.) AND I found an AWESOME colorful wall outside of a shop in downtown Grand Forks. A blessed time- here are a few..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Melody and Jacob

Melody and Jacob. Or Mr. and
Mrs. Weber as the license now states ;). What a blessing to have had the oppurtunity to share this day with the two of them. They are certainly a testimony to 'if at first you don't succeed-try, try again'. No need to explain-they know what I mean.

The entire group, from the wedding party to the large family groups were all such a pleasure to work with. The day was beautiful and everything went along 'without a hitch' as I heard it put.

As a (fairly) newlywed myself, I have no special words of wisdom for either of you, but as a sister in Christ I would encourage you both to always strive to be a more clear picture of the love of Christ to one another...and as often as possible-slow dance in the living room.

All the best to you both..I'm still plugging the Apostle Islands as a honeymoon option-just sayin. ;)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thank you

I wanted to send a special thank you out to a few folks:

FIRST: Thank you Lord. Thank You for new mercies every morning, Your compassions, they truly fail NOT. Thank You for leading me, Thank You for the lamp to my feet and the light to my path. Who am I, that You should be mindful of me?

Thank you to my precious husband, Kirk, whose grace and patience and compassion and love is a constant, faithful, tangible picture of the love of Jesus for me.

Thank you to ALL my clients, many of whom I have the pleasure to call friends. Thank you for trusting me with your family, and the oppurtunity to capture your life.

Thank you to my family. Even with all our insanity (although I like to call it Puerto-Rican passion, or maybe "expressiveness") I've always known that our love and commitment to one another goes very very deep.

Thank you to the photographers who have been such help, even when the questions were floooowing.
In particular:
Megan Sugden from Photography By Megan out of Hallock, MN http://www.meganphoto.com/ www.meganphoto.com/blog
Diana Jung with Diana Elizabeth Photography in Arizona. http://www.dianaelizabeth.com/ http://www.dianaelizabethblog.com/
Neither of whom I've had the pleasure of meeting, but both were ready and willing to help out a total stranger. Both of your work/art is an inspiration to me.

Thank you those adding to my life now, and to those I will have the honor of working with in the future.