Sunday, February 14, 2010

A few shots of Egypt #1

And so this post begins with the entire group of world travelers. What a great time we had meeting these special people. Didn't spend too much time with the dog, he just showed up for the photo. Excuse the bad positioning, they were posing for someone else. :)

Here, my Love and I are on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria Egypt..

Pretty self explainatory, FYI: it's not a big as you think.

The Egyptian gentleman who took this photo for us didn't realize it was on manual focus and we didn't have the heart to tell him after he took so many and so I do apologize for the lack of focus.

It was more than amazing to see and touch the Great Pyramid and to think that HANDS made those majestic structures with multiple ton blocks sustaining them. How in the world did they lift them?

Zwan: I believe the Egyptian equivalent to Spam. Ransel wasn't excited about it.

A photo taken by My Love at the garden of our hotel in Cairo.

A palm tree in the courtyard of our hotel in Cairo. A palm December: lovely.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Amelia and Scarlet..Take 2

I watched as these two little ladies ran and ran and played and played on the beautiful hardwood floor of the Plains Art Museum in Fargo. I thought "Wow, I wish I could have that energy." I love to watch the little ones and envy their joy and energy, even when their running around and very not interested in me and my big black Canon. What a day we had. The snow was coming and the wind was blowing but mom and dad soldiered into the cold to meet with me. I love the giggles, and the smiles, and the energy of these beautiful little ones, so thanks again for the chance to share in those a bit.