Friday, October 29, 2010

Because she's lovely

Just a quick couple..This is how happy my love wakes up every morning so yesterday I took her clothes off quick and got a blanket laid out so I could get some happy, nakey pictures.

She'll forgive me..

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And a little more Selah Belle..

So sorry for the delay in postings but motherhood is alot more time consuming than I thought. For a tiny 10 pounder she sure takes up alot of time and energy.

Here is an update on the lovely Selah Belle:

She recently found her tongue and so she is playing with it all the time-which is adorable.
She wakes up smiling and happy-which is adorable.
About a week ago, I was rocking her in my living room chair and she busted out with 2 full on belly laughs in her sleep-which is adorable.
She reaches up to find her ear and grab it while she nurses-which is.....adorable
She has taken to 'up her back' diaper blow outs-which is NOT adorable..
Here is one quick while I get a few more ready..