Thursday, June 10, 2010

Still lingering... Life is spinning as we rush to get our house ready (or as ready as possible) for the arrival of our precious little lady. I doubt she cares about hardwood floors and painted cabinets...but you never know. Our upstairs looks like a massive construction area, complete with masking taped walls and plastic covered floors, while our downstairs looks like a camp ground. Soon, soon, we will have her done. My hubby has been such a blessing in this. I had no idea what an all purpose worker he is, albiet, there have been a few times I've had to pry the power tool from his fingers and drag him kicking and screaming to go have a cup of coffee and a...shall I say it: BREAK!

This little blog of mine is certainly going to take on a different look as we are getting our "nest" ready for our little Belle, and on as I switch gears and go from 'Savannah the photographer' to 'Savannah the Mommy'. I will continue to do my photography, as I love it so dearly, but much less often as I take time to focus on my little girl. And so..I thank you for your patience and I hope I can keep this blog up and interesting enough to continue to draw your attention. Although, I have no doubt that all of her milestones and sweet faces, and NOT so sweet faces, which I will post should keep things most interesting.

I appreciate all of your prayers and Kirk and I head down South next week for my big sisters wedding. My prayer is that I go down pregnant, I come up pregnant. Simple and easy. July 28th is coming up all too quickly.

And so as we continue in our house work, I will be posting before/after very soon and as soon as I can replace the Skil saw in the hand of my husband with a Canon 5D, I will have an actual, real life, BELLY photo! So for now you have to settle for a snapshot of my beautiful neices and nephew from last summer.