Friday, August 20, 2010

Selah Belle-2 weeks...Just a few

I have to start this by letting you all know that I am uploading these all while my little lady lays on a pillow on my lap checking the world out. She would have it no other way.. Her two week check up was A-OK and the little Love gained over a pound already! These photos were taken while at my mom's for a visit. As you can see, she is being held in My attempts at getting lovely sleeping belly shots were futile at best- I think she has a trigger in her brain that goes off when my Canon is within 3 feet. :) And so, some shots of the lovliest little lady to ever grace us with her presence..

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One quick..Selah Belle and Daddy

I know I am a complete failure as a photographer in that I have yet to post any 'professional' images of my little Selah Belle. I have come to realize every day I have to prioritize. Sleep, Eat, Pictures? And since eating in necessary for milk production and sleeping is necessary for sanity upkeep, the photo opportunities have been scarce as of late. I am headed to Grandma's house this weekend (Maw maw's to be specific-any southerners will understand). I should have ample opportunity to catch up on sleep and let the creative juices flow. Not that this little one wouldn't shine in a potato sack.

Here is one image we got the day before we left the hospital. I have seen a new beautiful side of My Love that I never knew was there. He is such a gentle, loving, wonderful Daddy, as he is exactly that kind of husband and I know his heart jumps every time he looks at her.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Introducing....Selah Belle Hayes

She's here...I have never seen anything so breathtaking in my life. Of course there will be more shots of this beautiful creation but for now I had to rush and get one on for everyone to see. She was born August 2nd at 12:41am 7lb 9oz and 21 inches long. And every inch and ounce an amazing testimony to the love my Lord has for me. Here is a quick shot of her as we were leaving to go home from the hospital.....
By the way, its pronounced Saylah. :)