Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One quick..Selah Belle and Daddy

I know I am a complete failure as a photographer in that I have yet to post any 'professional' images of my little Selah Belle. I have come to realize every day I have to prioritize. Sleep, Eat, Pictures? And since eating in necessary for milk production and sleeping is necessary for sanity upkeep, the photo opportunities have been scarce as of late. I am headed to Grandma's house this weekend (Maw maw's to be specific-any southerners will understand). I should have ample opportunity to catch up on sleep and let the creative juices flow. Not that this little one wouldn't shine in a potato sack.

Here is one image we got the day before we left the hospital. I have seen a new beautiful side of My Love that I never knew was there. He is such a gentle, loving, wonderful Daddy, as he is exactly that kind of husband and I know his heart jumps every time he looks at her.

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  1. Ya'll are amazing keep loving Your Jesus and Your Precious Blessing all the days of you lives.