Monday, January 17, 2011

Selah Belle 5 months

I have come to discover that I am a terrible blogger. I guess admitting is the first step to recovery. Things have been buuuusy at home. When I say that it almost sounds like we've been doing lots of things. The simple pursuit of finding time to spend with my husband takes alot more effort than I thought.

Selah Belle has been growing and growing. She has found her toes and her 'G' sound and so she will sit in her bouncy with both feet in hand going ggggggggg'breath'ggggggggg. I think my time is consumed just watching her do all of her silly adorable little things.

Having this time at home to be with her has been such an unbelievable blessing. I have not missed one of her milestones and for that I am so grateful. I can't imagine being anywhere but here with my little lady. Although I admit it has been quite an adjustment to go from our crazy, gone every weekend, 'oh-we live here?' life to our: don't see the outside of our house but once a week, 'what do you wanna do?, I dunno, what do you wanna do?' stay at home and FAREEEZZEE life. But I praise the Lord for the winters and the summers. Like the apostle Paul says "I have LEARNED in all things, to be content"

This is a time that she will only have once and I can't thank God enough that I am here to walk with her through it and experience every little fading quirk she develops.