Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Renovations!

How wonderful to watch the rooms transform before our eyes...Wouldn't it be nice if that were true, to just WATCH the rooms transform. If that were the case, But since that isn't the case and we all live in reality this will be the first of many "home renovation updates".
A great BIG BIG thank you to everyone who helped (helps, will help), who lent us tools-or gave us tools, and thank you for all the advice and know-how (Daddy)..

Living Room Before and After

Kitchen Before and After
Hallway Before and After
And a close up of our new hardwood-what a work it was!


  1. LOVE ur house it is AMAZING!!! Also love them Selah Belle updates! She IS a beauty!!

  2. You two have done a fantastic job! The floors and the paint look great and the colors are perfect!

  3. Ya'll did a wonderful job!! Love the hardwood floors. Did ya'll do the work yourselves or hired someone? Either way awesome job.

  4. wow it looks amazing the awesome difference the changes ya'll did wow,that's pretty much what i'm thinking n saying out loud wow..