Friday, October 30, 2009

The Roller Kids

We hoped to get some outdoor photos, but the rain was not permitting. Thankfully they have a lovely home with great lighting.
I am always amazed to see the difference between boys and girls, no matter the age.
Senior Girls: Take my picture, make me look beautiful, 9 outfits...Senior Boys: I'm doing this for my mom, I don't care how I look, 1 outfit.
The same is true for the little ones. The little ladies want to show you their room and smile pretty. And the little guys, if you don't have something gross to show them, or something for them to demolish (or throw), they're not interested. :)
Thankfully my Beloved husband was along with me to offer that bit of testosterone I was lacking, which helped on the cooperation side of things. Thank you Matthew and Gina for showing us your beautiful home, and thanks to Addison, Max, and Sam for the great bear impressions.

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