Friday, October 30, 2009

The Winfrey Family

What a day! Unfortunately the weather was a bit chilly for this session, BUT it didn't start to rain until after we were finished for the day.
As I've said, I love the quirks of each little child. I met Scarlet and Amelia for the first time, two beautiful, very blonde, very "Nort' Dakota" looking little ladies. The first thing I noticed was beautiful Miss Amelia pursing her lips when she was thinking of something or when she was focused on her letters and numbers (which she did VERY well), or when she was looking for "bugs" in my camera lens. Then there's Scarlet, the vivacious 1(and a half) year old. She smiled and she smiled and she ran and then she ran some more. Oh to have the energy of a 1 year old.
I am able to have an interesting perspective when it comes to busy little ones. I get to enjoy the energy and the life, but I don't have to feed them or put them down for the much needed nap.
Thanks again, Collette and Steve..

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